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Experienced Mediators in Hyannis, MA

Divorce and Post-Divorce
When your situation with your spouse or ex-spouse is amicable ANN E. RASCATI can assist you before and during your divorce to negotiate a final written divorce settlement, while significantly minimizing the cost and stress of divorce. Using mediation, you can save thousands of dollars compared to litigation.
ANN will work with you and your spouse to mediate an agreement and to draft a fair and comprehensive divorce separation agreement. She will create an agreement that maximizes financial and tax savings to both parties as well as fostering cooperation. If you are not represented by counsel, ANN is available to prepare all of the necessary paperwork for you.
Most Separation Agreements include language that disputes that arise after divorce are to be mediated before seeking court involvement. ANN can work with you to help resolve these issues and prepare the necessary paperwork to put the new agreement properly before the court significantly minimizing the cost and stress of a court action.
Judge Reading Paper In Courtroom - Mediation in Hyannis, MA
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